Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Free Gas

The sign today reads gas is $4.21 per gallon. GASP!  I know that most of us are in a whirlwind about that. We have places to GO!  Not just trivial places but important places like work, school, appointments. Emotions are flying. Should I be angry? Storm the White House? Protest? Wear some color of solidarity on Friday? 

I feel the pain at the pump and yet it awakens me to consider how much of this is my fault.  If the product pricing is based on supply and demand, wouldn’t my seeming demand warrant a higher cost? How far and how high a price am I willing to go to meet my demand?

The high cost has truly caused me introspection. My CONSUMEr mentality has been broken a bit.  If I choose not to consume so much, won’t my overall cost go down?  These costs have forced me in a way to reflect and to decide what is most important.  Do I have to take that extra trip to the grocery store or can I wait? Do I have to drive my car to church when I have a perfectly good bike in the garage? What if I invited a friend over for a cup of tea rather than driving out to that coffee shop?  If I consume less in the things that I do not really need, it may just provide for those things that I really do need.

Yes, I see the sign that reads $4.21…oops! It just changed to $4.23. Part of me wants to scream but another part of me hears that still small voice saying open your arms to the breath of opportunity!  I AM is here and I want to show you how to live with less that you might live FREE!

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